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Last week, the government launched a £30 million Growth vouchers scheme giving small businesses in England subsidised advice from thousands of experts on key topics such as financial management, recruitment, leadership skills, sales and marketing, and digital technology.  The government anticipates that up to 20,000 small businesses will receive Growth Vouchers for access to advice over the next 15 months, making it the largest business research project ever initiated by government and one that will gather comprehensive evidence on which to build future policy

I'm pleased to announce that West Lancs Chartered Accountants has been appointed an accredited Growth Voucher advisor, specifically for the area of 'Finance and Cashflow' (and we are the only accountancy firm in the Ormskirk area to be appointed as an accredited advisor)

Advice in this area covers the overall financial health of your business. It may focus on improving cash flow management and forecasting, credit control and late payments, or on how to negotiate with banks and other funding sources. The advice could be used to develop a financial strategy for growth, raise additional finance and/or secure new investors, or to improve your own financial management skills. The attached PDF gives more examples.

Growth Voucher PDF

The vouchers work on a matching basis were the Government will match your spend on advice up to a maximum value of £2,000. This means you can spend as much or as little as you want on the advice but the maximum contribution from the Government will be £2,000. For example: If you spend £1,200 on support: £600 will come from you and £600 will be matched from the government

We'd encourage all our eligible clients to apply for growth vouchers in order to take benefit of what is basically half price business advice

To be eligible for the vouchers your business must:

• have 49 employees or less (including any employees of companies that own a stake in your business)
• be registered in England
• have been trading for at least one year
• not have paid for business advice in the last 3 years
• be independent (i.e. no more than 25% is owned by other businesses or organisations)

The scheme is running until March 2015, so if you are not eligible now, you may be eligible at a later date.

If you need assistance in filling out the application, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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